Abilitations Integrations DuraPit Ball Pit - Holds Up to 2,000 Balls

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The Abilitations Integrations DuraPit Ball Pit helps to encourage multi-sensory exploration to assist with spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and calming. It is rugged, lightweight and easy to store, fitting in a medium-sized storage bin or on a shelf. The heavy duty mesh cover secures tightly to the Dura Pit when not in use, and it has a drawstring closure, converting it into a storage bag for up to 2000 balls. DuraPit is made of heavy gauge, reinforced vinyl for durability, with a 3" air-filled base to help keep knees and elbows safe. The balls are 3" in diameter and come in various colors. An interior and exterior step is included to help little ones getting in and out.

Special needs products are designed to improve sensory processing, positioning and mobility, fine and gross motor skills, and language and communication skills for students with learning challenges. Sensory processing products and exercises can help the nervous system receive messages from the senses and turn them into appropriate motor and behavioral responses.

School Specialty manufactures and distributes instructional materials and supplies under dozens of brands, among them Abilitations, Think Math, Delta Education, Frey Scientific, Childcraft, School Smart, and Speech Bin. The company, founded in 1959, is headquartered in Greenville, WI.

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