Q95 Mohawk LED Hat Mohawk Hat Mohawk Wig Light Up Hat Light Up Toys LED Light Up Fiber Optic Mohawk

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  • The Mohawk features ultra-bright LEDs and cool fiber optic technology. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! These Mohawk come with a 100% guarantee. 100% brand new and high quality Led Hat. You WANT the most reliable Mohawk Hat, right? These Mohawk Hat are absolutely perfect
  • You can even adjust the speed/style of the blinking LEDs with the touch of a button. LOOKING FOR A GIFT? Mohawk Wig makes an awesome gift for many occasions
  • Batteries are included and installed. Its everything you need when looking for Light Up Toys. These Light Up Hat are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and are designed to last for a long time. Easy to use, and absolutely amazing Led Headband product
  • Each box contains 1 Mohawk. Authentic Fun Central Branded, absolutely awesome Led Toys. Another fun Led Light Up Toys product brought to you by Fun Central
  • Click Add To Cart to get your Led Toy Today. Order Today RISK FREE - When you buy now our Led Light Up Hat. You're protected by a 90-days 100% for our Led Light Up Hat no-questions asked money back guarantee. 100% NO FUSS MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on our Light Up Headband. In the unlikely event something disappoints you, we will willingly return your purchase price or arrange for a replacement set to be sent immediately without hassle. You have NOTHING TO LOSE

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