Fun Central R94 LED Gloves, Rave Gloves, LED Gloves Rave, Glow Gloves, Glow in the Dark Gloves, Gloves Rave - 1 Pair

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  • INCLUDES: 1 pair of Light Up Rave Gloves in Black with light up fingertips
  • FEATURES: Each fingertip of the Rave Gloves features 3 LEDs - one red, one blue, and one green. Glow in the Dark Gloves have 8 modes are available: red constant, blue constant, green constant, red flashing, blue flashing, green flashing, red-blue-green constant, red-blue-green flashing, and color-morphing (green to yellow to red to purple to blue to aqua)
  • PERFECT FOR: RAVES, CLUBS, and FESTIVALS! Grab these Glow Gloves and get your night started as these will add to your unique outfit and glow you up! These are stretchy, comfortable, safe, and one size will fit most.
  • CHILDREN: Not only are they perfect for parties, but also Gloves for Kids! These will have your kids entertained, and can be used for birthday parties or party favors.

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