Make Your Own Kitty Day Camp

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  • TOYS THAT TEACH: The cat is out of the bag- these friendly DIY crafts and activities will keep kids purrrfectly happy. This kit teaches patience, problem-solving and responsibility.
  • ACTIVE PLAY: Staying active and engaged is just as important for pets as it is for people. This kit has everything you need to entertain your curious kitty and provides your cat the opportunity to show off its genius.
  • TRAIN LIKE A PRO: Treat your furry friend to some special attention and train like a pro! Training takes time, consistency and patience. In the end, you’ll both be rewarded while having lots of fun.
  • ACTIVITIES: With this kit you will construct a Home, Sweet Kitty Home and maze for your cat, create a dangly doorknob play station, teach your cat to come when called, make your own cat toys and so much more.
  • INCLUDES: training cups, treat ball, stickers, house templates, paint, feathers, bells, materials to sew a felt sardine and an illustrated guide booklet.

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