Pom-Pom Rug Kit

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  • CREATE A CRAFT SIDE: MindWare’s Piccalilly series is a great way to teach children the fun of crafting and the excitement of creating something on their own.
  • A FEAST FOR THE EYES: This rug is not only fun to make, but it will give an added color pop to any room.
  • A TREAT FOR YOUR FEET: Once you set foot on the completed rug, there will be no denying the complete comfort and satisfaction the pom-poms will give the soles of your feet.
  • START FROM SCRATCH: Not only does this MindWare kit let you create the pom-pom rug without the need for sewing, but you also make the pom-poms themselves to give you an added layer of customization.
  • INCLUDES: More than 1,000 yards of yarn in seven different colors, a mesh backing, pom-pom maker, instructions and design guide.

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