SiriusXM® Wired FM Direct Adapter Kit

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Adding satellite radio? Direct connection to your radio eliminates the need to find an open or unused FM channel. The SiriusXM Wired FM Direct Adapter Kit provides a static-free audio connection for XM and SiriusXM dock and play portable radios hardwired directly into your vehicle's car stereo. Works with PowerConnect radios and vehicle kits.Directly connects FM output signal from plug & play unit's internal FM modulator to head-unit FM antenna connection. Internal relay switches between SiriusXM® when PNP is powered on & AM/FM pass-through when PNP is powered off. Compatible with Sirius® dock & play radios, XM® dock & play & portable radios with a PowerConnect™ vehicle kit, XM® SkyDock®, XM® Snap, Edge vehicle kit & Link vehicle kit Kit includes:2ft FM antenna cable. 19.33ft 3.5mm cable

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